Go For A Cute and Subtle Style with Cat Earrings


Do you love cats? Do you like to wear jewelry that brings out your expressive tastes and your natural charm? It just happens that these earrings right here might just be for you. Each one is unique, colorful, eloquent in its design and features and will help to bring the inner kitty in you. As with all the jewelry these are handmade crafts with a quaint design that add a dash of charm to your days as well as your overall look. Best of all they’re good for any occasion, formal or casual. Their creativity design gives them enough flare to be noticeable, but not so much that they’ll be tacky and make you stick out. They’re just about the right size too, especially for the stud-lover within all of us. 

Coming in many different colors there’s plenty of room for variety and to mix up your style if you believe it suits you. You could have one pair for every occasion, or one to match a certain wardrobe color scheme. The possibilities are endless. Most people enjoy traditional metallic colors in jewelry so we went with a safe silver to start along with earrings of gold to make your ears glitter and your whole form shine. We also have black and orange for those of us who are already getting ready to celebrate Halloween, or for those who simply like to mix up their color scheme for more contemporary vibes. 

Whether you’re a die-hard cat lover or simply someone who likes cute designs in their jewelry these should fit right no matter what suits your personal need and tastes. Unlike other black cats, our kitty earrings will give you good luck as they provide a good look. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party or just a casual social gathering, even out to the movies with friends or on a hot date, you’ll want to bring your cat earrings to purrrrfect your look and wardrobe and show your  friends that you know how to dress in style and maturity while still keeping things and cute and simple. 

Your clothing and accessories have many tales to tell, what will your earrings say about you? Maybe that you like cats, or that you have quaint sense of modern style? Either way you’ll never want to leave the house without them in your ears adding the glitz and glamour you know you already have inside you, why not compliment with a quaint accessory that suits you? These little cat earrings may be small and subtle, but they’ll go a long way in defining the “new you” these upcoming holidays will be sure to reveal. 


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First Jewelry

The first signs of jewelry came for the people in Africa. Perforated beads of shell jewelry have been found dating to 75,000 years ago at Blombos Cave. In Kenya, at Enkapune Ya Muto, beads made from perforated ostrich shells have been dated back 40,000 years ago. The European early modern humans had necklaces and bracelets made of bone and teeth. In southern Russia. Carved bracelets made of mammoth tusks have also been found. In its earliest forms jewelry wasn’t made for decoration at all , instead it was used for practical uses like pinning clothes together. Ancient Egypt is the most significant culture in terms of revolutionizing jewelry, but other cultures contributed as well. Known as the eastern successor of the Romans, the Byzantine Empire continued the tradition of religious symbols in jewelry. Early Greek jewelry tended to follow more Asian designs following Alexander’s conquests. Today as well as in early times is the preferred metal for jewelry but affordable metals like copper are more commonly being used.

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Alari Design World Wide!


As of last week Alari Design is pleased I have made sales to all 6 continents, 43 countries, all 50 states, and 3 US Territories.. To all of my customers it could not have happened without you. I would like to say thank you for your business and for helping us reach these milestones. We will continue bringing you unique jewelry for affordable prices.


This is a google map of all of our sales on ETSY.  We also have sales from our other channels.


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Egyptian Jewelry

The ancient Egyptians placed high value on their jewelry. Not only was it worn to be visually appealing each piece had meaning. The jewelry was worn by both men and women of all social classes. Not only was jewelry used by the people, but statues of kings and gods were dressed in jewelry. Even in death the jewelry was worn as it was believed to send one into the afterlife. Copper and gold were the main materials used to craft Egyptian jewelry. Copper was mainly affordable to the lower social classes in Egypt,  but gold was usually the preferred choice for the affluent Egyptians. As far as the gemstones that were used some of the more popular stones used were: lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet, and pearls. The most common piece of jewelry in ancient Egypt was the wide collared necklace.  Both men and women wore ear rings as well as finger rings. The use of gold in Ancient Egyptian jewelry simply represented the flesh of the gods or the fire and shine of the sun. Some of the most well known symbols of Egyptian jewelry are:

Ibis bird
The ibis bird is a sacred bird associated with the god Toth. Toth was the god of wisdom and learning and is often depicted with the body of a man and the head of an ibis.
Eye of Hours
The Eye of Hours signifies royal power, protection,  and good health. In Egyptian mythology it is said that after the god Osiris was killed by his own brother Set, god of the desert, Horus fought with Set to avenge his father’s death. Horus lost his left eye in the fight. The eye was found and restored and Horus offered the eye to his father as a sacrifice hoping to restore his life.
The scarab beetle symbolizes protection and resurrection.  Death was a welcome transition for ancient Egyptians, from the physical into another realm of existence.  The scarab symbol was often placed in the ton of the departed.
Egyptian styles are still seen in the modern jewelry world today. The Egyptian style and technique revolutionized jewelry as we see it today.

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Mayan Jewelry

The Mayans were a civilization that lived in areas of what is today known as Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala.  They were on of the most advanced civilizations of their time and evidence of their civilization dates back well before the birth of Christ. Jewelry from the Maya civilization can be traced back 5,000 years. Early on in the civilization metal was hard to find so the Mayans made jewelry form bone, jaguar teeth, claws, stone, and feathers. With the discovery of more metals they would eventually incorporate bronze, gold and silver. The precious stone jade was also used in jewelry. Jade was also used as an offering to the gods, as trading currency,  and sometimes as a treatment for kidney disease. Jade was held in higher regard than even gold and silver as the Mayans considered it to ne sacred and holy and the ultimate symbol for everything good including eternal love. Religion was extremely important to the Mayans and it is reflected in their jewelry. Men and women pretty much wore the same jewelry with the exception of lip and nose plugs and men with high social status wore nose plugs. The ear plugs worn were so heavy that often they would permanently disfigure the ear lobe. Thanks to archaeological finds in ancient ruins much has been found. Mayans believed strongly in the afterlife and archaeologists have found masks with jade, mother-of-pearl, and various ceramics in the tombs of kings. It was also common for a single jade bead to be buried with the deceased. They left these offerings and gifts to the gods after their deaths. Maya jewelry is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

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Inca Jewelry

The Incas lived in South America about 5,000 yeasts ago and their empire developed quickly. Even though it developed quickly it only lasted 100 years between AD 1438 and 1533. Ancient Incas were located in what is the present-day country of Peru. As far as jewelry Incas took gold work to the next level as they designed flame figures and masks for mummies. They also used copper,silver,and platinum.  They were advanced enough to know that mixing copper and tin created bronze and also worked with inlays of mother of pearl, shell and amethyst. The main reason why the Incas used gold so often in their jewelry is because it was so abundant. They believed that gold shone like the sun and so to honor their main god the Inti Incas decorated their tramples with it. In the Sapa group of Incas members of the royal family, priests, and government authorities wore jewelry daily. Commoners only worker jewelry on special occasions such as religious ceremonies and special celebrations. The Sapa Incas decorated dresses and sandals with gemstones and gold and necklaces were popular amongst men and women. Besides extravagant materials the Incas also used seashells, wood, feathers, and seeds some of which were used on bangles and bracelets popular among women. The nose ring was an important piece of jewelry that was applied to the nose by pressure instead of piercing. The Incas ingenuity and elegance is appreciated to this day.

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